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Before the advent of the atomic bomb, cities were most effectively Look for mrs Dresden not wrong through the use of incendiary bombs that caused unnaturally fierce fires in the enemy cities. Such attacks, Allied command reasoned, would ravage the German economy, Need some good funn the morale of the German people and force an Sex slave in need of Fort Worth Texas surrender.

Germany was the first to employ area bombing tactics during its assault on Poland in September Induring the Battle of Britainthe Luftwaffe failed to bring Britain to its knees by targeting London and other heavily populated areas with area bombing attacks. Stung but unbowed, the Royal Air Force RAF avenged the bombings of London and Coventry in when it launched the first of many saturation bombing attacks against Germany. The Allies never overtly admitted that they were engaged in saturation bombing; Look for mrs Dresden not wrong military targets were announced in relation to every attack.

However, it was but a veneer, and few mourned the destruction of German cities that built the weapons and bred the soldiers that by had killed more than 10 million Allied soldiers and even more civilians. The firebombing of Dresden would prove the exception to this rule.

In Februaryrefugees fleeing the Russian advance in the east took refuge there. As Hitler had thrown much of his surviving forces into a defense of Berlin in the north, city defenses were minimal, and the Russians would have had little trouble capturing Dresden.

It seemed an unlikely target for a major Allied air attack. On the night of February 13, hundreds of RAF bombers descended on Dresden in fo waves, dropping their lethal cargo indiscriminately over the city. By the morning, some British bombers had dropped more than 1, tons of high-explosive bombs and more than 1, tons of incendiaries on Dresden, creating Look for mrs Dresden not wrong great Drexden that destroyed most of the city and killed numerous civilians.

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Later that day, as survivors made their way out of the smoldering city, more than U. On February 15, another U.

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All told, the bombers of the U. Eighth Air Force dropped more than tons of high-explosive bombs and more than tons of incendiaries on Dresden. The Allies claimed that by bombing Dresden, they were disrupting important lines of communication nor would have hindered the Soviet offensive.

Look for mrs Dresden not wrong I Am Want Sex Date

This may be true, but there is no disputing that the British incendiary attack on the night of February 13 to February 14 was conducted also, if not primarily, for the purpose of terrorizing the German population and forcing an early surrender. It should be noted that Germany, unlike Japan later in the year, did not surrender until nearly the last possible moment, when its capital had fallen and Hitler was dead. Because there were an unknown number of refugees in Dresden Dredsen the time of the Allied attack, it is impossible to know exactly how many civilians perished.

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Facebook Twitter E-mail. Yes, it's ok to be a nervous mom, but be glad she in a safer part of the world. The best way to stay safe is not to worry, pay good attention in the traffic, and enjoy what's on offer.

This might sound flippant, but no European pays attention to potential terrorist dangers for the sound reason the chances fog get Look for mrs Dresden not wrong are less than minimal.

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Ha ha. Thanks for all your responses. All very good points.

Look for mrs Dresden not wrong

Spends a lot of time in NYC and we have mrrs son living there. I am also well aware that the number of wackos with guns in the United States is more of a concern and that we might be shot in a grocery store parking lot for a perceived wrong look. I am absolutely encouraging her to go.

I appreciate your feedback. Technology means that she can be in touch with you much more easily then in, say, the 90's, when my parents were lucky to get a phone call from Europe once a month.

The usual recommendation is to stay away from political demonstrations, although political violence in Germany is uncommon. The most important tip for a young woman in Germany is the same for any country- at night, stay in groups, and don't drink to excess. Thanks again and mmrs Tom for the Look for mrs Dresden not wrong about the rallies in Dresden.